I believe a mistake has been made at my birth. I’m definitly not made for temperatures that drop below zero and cold, biting winds. So I wonder; why do I live in The Netherlands? Since that cold is the treat I have a right to each year.

Hopefully in a few years I’ll have made up an escape plan, – landing a job in a warm(er) place is high on my wish list – because I’d hate spending the best years of my life (your twenties are the best I always get told?!) inside. I want to go outside! There is so much to see on this world. Really, besides the nature, people are also worth watching. Isn’t it a pity that we in generally underestimate the part of seeing beauty in what people do and make? Coming across a really talented musician or a driven artisan can make a change in the way you want to organize your life, at least it always makes an impact on my life.

.. OK! I’m straying off the subject – which should have been surviving the cold with a beanie ;) – so I’ll get to the conclusion: this fussy angora light pink (!) beanie is going to get my head and ears through this ice cold winter. I. Hope.

P.S. There is never a bad timing for some reflections on life! Share your thoughts with your friends, family (and me, the pleasure would be mine).

Beanie by Topshop

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  1. Mireille

    Wat een leuk mutsje, hij ziet er mooi, warm en zacht uit en staat vast heel mooi bij je haarkleur!

    liefs Mireille


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